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          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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Wellness Wisdom Archive
The Spirituality of Health    12/30/2004
Nature Gazing for a Healthy Life    12/31/2004
What Are You When You Are Beautiful!    1/1/2005
Hurry Up, Slow Down: It’s New Year    1/2/2005
Anger: It Makes You Unhealthy    1/3/2005
Downside of Unhealthy Gossip    1/4/2005
Purity of Mind and Thought    1/5/2005
The Power of Prayer in Healing    1/6/2005
Greed Destroys Your Judgment    1/7/2005
Ayurveda in America Today    1/8/2005
The Downside of Self-Praise    1/11/2005
Ayurveda Beyond The Stone & Pestle    1/9/2005
The Fine Art of Daytime Napping    1/10/2005
Peeping Through The Self    1/12/2005
Inevitability of Aging    1/13/2005
Health from the Heart    1/14/2005
Internalize Cooking and
Spiritualize Eating – I
Internalize Cooking and
Spiritualize Eating – II
Internalize Cooking and
Spiritualize Eating – III
Internalize Cooking and
Spiritualize Eating – IV
Homing on the Remedies    1/19/2005
Ancient Surgery, Modern Yardstick    1/20/2005
The Union of
Medical Thoughts
The Power of Failures    3/28/2005
Ayurvedic Mindwork    1/22/2005
The Sound of Silence    3/26/2005
Paradigm Shift and
Healing from Within
Happiness in a Shirt    11/17/2012
Art of Giving Up – I    4/11/2005
The Art of
Giving Up – II
Out of Body Experiences    5/24/2005
Soul within a Soul – I    5/31/2005
The Illusion of Loss    7/12/2005
Art and Science
of Yoga – I
Art and Science
of Yoga – II
Art and Science
of Yoga – III
Pranayama levels …    3/12/2007
Austere asanas …    3/18/2007
Is yoga just asanas?    3/27/2007
Asanas are not exercises …    4/20/2007
Seeds of Serenity    9/12/2008
The Sound of Silence    1/18/2012
Homing on the Remedies    1/23/2013

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