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If you are a body, you are a gross and a subtle body.


          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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Author Name
Posted On
The Yoga of Life Agantuk 9/29/2003
Mind, body and medicine Agantuk 11/2/2003
Wonders of Turmeric Dr Shekhar Annambhotla 1/23/2004
Genetics of vata, pitta
and kapha
Agantuk 1/19/2004
The Guggulu Guide Dr Shekhar Annambhotla 1/29/2004
Eat Right,
Love Your Food
And Be Healthy
Dr Shashikant Patwardhan 2/1/2004
Demystifying Beauty
Through Ayurveda
Dr Nancy Lonsdorf 2/1/2004
Feeling Frisky?
Herbs for Fertility
Susun Weed 2/5/2004
Letting Nature
Grow Your Garden
Susun S Weed 2/8/2004
The Wisdom from Vedas Agantuk 2/8/2004
Cauliflower – Potato Curry
Dr Shekhar Annambhotla 2/12/2004
The Wise Women Herbalism Susun S. Weed 2/15/2004
Eat Well
To Loose Weight
Dr Nancy Lonsdorf 2/19/2004
Tapioca Pudding
Dr Shekhar Annambhotla 3/1/2004
Healthy Menopause
Without HRT - I
Dr Nancy Lonsdorf 3/4/2004
Fine Art of Being Vocal Agantuk 2/24/2004
Prana In Your Hair Agantuk 2/25/2004
The Amazing Artemisias Susun S. Weed 2/25/2004
Prana and Ojas
during Pregnancy
AA Editorial Team 3/8/2004
Healthy Menopause
without HRT - II
Dr Nancy Lonsdorf 3/8/2004
Choosing Foods for
an Ayurvedic Diet
Shreelata Suresh 3/18/2004
Vegetarian Feast
of India
in New York
The New York Times 3/28/2004
Vajikarana Dravyas (Drugs)
and Their Classification
Dr Amit Kumar Yadav 4/2/2004
A Vajikarana Yog
Dr Amit Kumar Yadav 4/2/2004
Hypertension and
Dr Neeru Virmani 5/2/2004
Heart as the Seat
of Consciousness
Dr Amit Kumar Yadav 5/2/2004
Herbs That Ease
Anxiety and Fear
Susun S. Weed 5/20/2004
An Ally with
Lots of Heart
Susun Weed 6/2/2004
Prameha (Diabetes)
and Ayurveda
Dr Amit Kumar Yadav 6/22/2004
A Little Motherwort
Around the House
Susun Weed 6/22/2004
Business Wellness:
The Five Minds
of a Manager
AA Editorial Team 7/1/2004
Stress Management
through Ayurveda
Dr Sonica Krishan 1/23/2013
Menopause and Insomnia:
The Ayurvedic Perspective
Jean Clark 7/14/2004
Weeds in Your Garden?:
Bite Back!
Susun S. Weed 8/2/2004
Bliss in the Being
Seema Sahani 8/4/2004
Fast Forward Backwards
Dr Pankaj Seth 8/15/2004
Taking Hormones?
Try These Herbs
Susun S. Weed 8/15/2004
Boosting Energy and Stamina Susun S. Weed 9/10/2004
Guggul Lowers Cholesterol:
Reuters Quotes Researcher
Courtesy Reuters 11/17/2004
Meditation Benefits in
High Blood Pressure
Rhonda Rowland 11/17/2004
Herbal Management
of the Flu Season
Susun S. Weed 11/30/2004
What Are You When
You Are Beautiful!
Dr Sanjay Parva 12/1/2004
GRAPES: Good for
Dosha Balancing
Courtesy PakTribune 1/15/2005
Alternatives to
Hormone Therapy – III
Susun S. Weed 1/19/2005
An Introduction to Kundalini
Yoga Meditation ... - II
David S. Shannahoff-Khalsa 1/29/2005
Treasures of the East:
Yoga for Good Health – II
Dr Satyajit Rohan Jayasinghe 2/1/2005
Love and Liquid Sound Marina Alzuguaray 5/16/2005
Glowing Skin, Ayurvedic Way C.D. SIBY 5/17/2005
Sex During Pregnancy Todd Caldecott 6/22/2005
Pathogenesis of Amavata Todd Caldecott 10/18/2005
The Vata Demystified Ingrid Naiman 11/29/2005
Conquering Vata Dominance Courtesy 11/29/2005
Skin Care:
The Ayurveda Way
Courtesy - Himalaya Herbal Healthcare 12/6/2005
Prakruti and Vikruti Courtesy 2/3/2007
Vitality: What’s It? Todd Caldecott 3/12/2007
Prana Through the Nadis Todd Caldecott 3/27/2007
Kidney well-being AAPL Staff Writer 9/12/2008
Dietary therapy AAPL Staff Writer 9/12/2008
6 Tastes and Healing Dr Sonica Krishan 1/23/2013

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Stress Management
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