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          Friday, March 23, 2018


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Madonna Turns to Ayurveda
By  AA News Desk

LONDON: Pop star Madonna is using old Indian Ayurvedic remedies to try for a third child at the age of 46, a leading London tabloid reported on Sunday.

Madonna hopes a stash of Ayurvedic medicines will help her conceive, The Sunday Mirror reported. Her film director husband Guy Ritchie, 36, is also using the treatments.

“Tablets were sent over from India. They are supposed to increase potency,” the tabloid quoted a source.

Ayurvedic medicines, which are 5,000-year-old, uses herbs, diet and massage to harmonise the body. It focuses on balancing the body’s energy forces.

The part of Ayurvedic medicine which deals with fertility problems is called Vajikarana. Madonna is also visiting a private obstetrician Dr Gowri Motha at her exclusive clinic in North London.

Motha integrates alternative therapies with traditional medicine to help women have pain-free natural births. The singer has made at least two visits to Viveka clinic in St John’s Wood, North London, and is also being visited at home.

Madonna - mother of Lourdes, 8, and Rocco, 4 -is desperate to be a mum again, the tabloid said..


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