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          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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EU to Protect India's
Traditional Knowledge

By  AA News Desk

NEW DELHI: The European Patent Office (EPO) has, in principle, agreed to make a conscious effort to block anyone from stealing patents on Indiaís traditional knowledge in medicine. This will ensure that instances like the patenting of turmericís medicinal property in the US, does not occur in the 30-member superstate. India had, earlier, spent $ 6 million to bust the US patent on turmeric. A non-disclosure agreement between the union science and technology ministry and the EPO is expected soon, which will give EPO access to a digital database of at least 136,000 traditional Indian medicines. EPO will protect this highly-valuable information and refer it routinely while reviewing patent applications where the innovation is of botanical origin.

This would make it easy for the EPO to reject patent requests where centuries-old knowledge is passed off as innovation.

The National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCIR) under the science and technology ministry is developing the nearly one-crore page digital database of Ayurveda, Sidha and Unani medicines.

Read complete news in The Economic Times .


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