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Affluence of mind is true cause of obesity.


          Friday, March 23, 2018


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Glowing Skin, Ayurvedic Way

VERY few people are blessed with naturally perfect skin. More people today are living in cities, constantly exposed to dirt and pollution, pursuing high speed, tension-producing lifestyles, yet aspiring to natural beauty!

Toxins seem to be everywhere: in the food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe. With a diminishing ozone layer, even sunshine is becoming hazardous. Stress levels for women are perhaps at an all-time high with competitiveness in the work places and less well-defined roles for both themselves and men.

Consequently, to achieve that natural look, a regular skincare programme is no longer a luxury but an essential anxiety reliever and beauty therapy to combat the ravages of modern living.

Everyone looks for cosmetic products for natural healthy skin, but most of the time it is either a challenge or a compromise. Skin has been called “the mirror of the body”. Beauty is not skin deep; we have to remember that the skin's connections reach the inner most part of the body.

For dermatologists, skin is an “early warning system”, and its examination, very important and informative in physical diagnosis, occasionally furnishes the first clue to identification of serious skin diseases.

Just as with all tissues, the skin must be kept exquisitely clean, well nourished, moisturised, and protected from harm in order to both look and feel its best.

Ayurvedic cosmetics are one more way, along with ayurvedic diet and lifestyle practices, to help towards a perfect natural healthy skin. Ayurveda is a system of medicine primarily concerned with purification of the body and mind. Impurity is disease.

One of the aspects of ayurveda that stands out is its focus on preventive and promotive aspects of health care rather than just treatment of the disease.

Read complete article in New Straits Times Online.


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