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          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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Enchanted by Ayurveda,
Swiss Woman Goes Away
the Hindu Way

By  Courtesy IANS

A Swiss woman, who travelled several miles to Kerala to take recourse to the traditional Indian science of Ayurveda, had her last journey the Hindu way.

The body of Annelisese Holing Mainka, 84, was consigned to the flames at a government crematorium in the presence of around 100 volunteers of the Hindu nationalist Shiv Sena. The woman had arrived by a chartered plane on Oct 26 and went to a private resort for Ayurveda treatment.

But on Nov 7 she got herself admitted to a hospital where she died on Nov 13.

A Shiv Sena official G.Harikumar said as Mainka's body lay unclaimed in the hospital mortuary, the Swiss Consulate contacted him to take the lead and do the last rites.

Harikumar said he received a written request from Nicole Tschanz, head of Mumbai office of the Swiss Consulate.

The official spoke to the woman's husband in Switzerland and told us to go ahead and cremate the body, he said.

"We then got in touch with the police and got the clearance and the body," Harikumar told IANS.

"There were around 100 of us (at the funeral). We are now going to do the final rituals next Monday at Thiruvallom temple here and the ashes would be immersed in Thiruvallom river", he said. .


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