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          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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Breast Cancer
By  Dr. Jyotiraditya Agarwal, M.D. (Ayu)

Breast cancer is the cancer caused in the breast tissue. It can occur both in males and females. Though chances of males developing such cancer are extremely low but females are prone to it. Breast cancer constitutes about 10 % of all the cancer that occur in the human community. Recent times have seen a steep rise in the incidence of breast cancer as we are getting derailed from healthy life style. Read below to know how.

What is cancer?

Cancer can be defined as the uncontrolled division of new cells that can spread to the other tissues. If this condition occurs in breast tissue then it is called as the breast cancer. The spread can occur directly to the adjoining tissue or may spread through blood stream, a process known as metastasis. Even ayurveda has mentioned about the cancer and is known as arburd. The cancer related to breast tissue is known as stanya arburd.

What causes breast cancer?

Exact causes of breast cancer are still not known to medical sciences but there have been certain risk factor that contributes to the occurrence of breast cancer. Below are some of the few risk factors. Even ayurveda also agrees on these points.

Sex- females are no doubt 100 times at the greater danger as compared to males as per the breast cancer is concerned.

Age- It has been seen that females who have crossed 40 years of their age have greater tendencies to develop breast cancer as compared to young females.

Gene- as high as upto 10 % of the breast cancer has the genetic involvement in it.

Hereditary- it is another main factor that contributes to the cause.

Radiations- exposure to the certain radiations is also responsible in posing greater risk for causing breast cancer.

Menstruation- women with prolonged menstrual cycle and achieve the menopause (cessation of menses) after the age of 50 have higher risk if having breast cancer.

Certain other contributing factors are:

1. Over use of contraceptive pills
2. Pregnancy at over the age of 30 years
3. Hormone replacement therapy
4. Women who dont breast feed their children
5. Consuming alcohol and tobacco (cigarettes)
6. Obesity
What are the alarming symptoms?

Unusual swelling in the breast
Tenderness on nipple
Change in the nipple size
Inwards turning of the nipple
The reddish coloration of the areola or nipple
Discharge from nipple from nipple
Unusual pain in the breast or some piercing pain
Wrinkling of skin over the breast.

It is always recommended that females should get themselves examined if any of such symptoms appear.
Types of breast cancer?

These are of four types:

(a) Vata type
(b) Pitta type
(c) Kapha type
(d) Vata, pitta and kapha type
How can I get rid of breast cancer?

Ayurveda has mentioned several measures that are extremely helpful in preventing cancer. Classical ayurvedic preparations like kachanara guggulu, chandraprabha vati and khadirarishta has proved to be very effective in treating cancers. If there is dominance of vata or kapha in the symptoms then tamra bhasama (organo-mineral preparation of copper) is helpful. If there is dominance of pitta then vanga bhasama or naga bhasama is highly effective. Certain other herbs like amalaki (embelica officinale), aloe-vera, shilajit, triphala etc has also been used to prevent unusual growth of cells.

Performing yogic asana and pranayama (breathing exercises) has also shown great prospects in preventing and curing breast cancer.

As per the modern medical treatment is concerned, only way out according to them is the mastectomy (removal of breast). Chemotherapy is also done as per the requirement.

Breast cancer has emerged as one of the deadliest disease in the present scenario. But it can easily be prevented by following the footpaths laid by ayurveda. As ayurveda is a health science, it gives you health solutions to maintain your healthy life and if you are being able to maintain your health that no disease can make your body suffer.

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