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          Friday, March 23, 2018


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Kidney well-being
By  AAPL Staff Writer

The kidney is an important organ in the human body that is responsible for regulation of body fluids, elimination of inorganic ions and waste products from the body, maintaining acidity and alkalinity of the blood and retention of important substances in the body.

As there are many functions to the kidney, it also suffers from numerous diseases and disorders like anuria, polyuria, nephritis, uraemia and renal colic because of calculus. Though it is possible to use allopathic medications to treat kidney problems, it is better to follow Ayurveda in maintaining the well being of your kidneys.

Remember that one of the causes for kidney disorders is the side effects of modern medication, wrong medication and sometimes over dosages. With ayurvedic medicine, it is possible to help your system assimilate active ingredients and related compounds naturally. It helps tone your body, prevent disorders and treat kidney problems with medicine and surgery.

According to ayurvedic medicine dry fruits like pistachio and almonds and mangoes tone up weak kidneys. Pineapple is beneficial in curing kidney stones while coconut water is very much efficacious in curing urinary troubles. After eating pomegranates, dry its outer skin in a shade, and powder to be taken with 4 grams water twice a day. Take this for 10 days for an effective cure from polyuria.

A banana with 25 ml of amla and sugar helps cure urinary and spleen troubles. Even raisins prove to be beneficial in ayurvedic medicine, in curing strangury, or urination in drops. You have to take three raisins, remove seed and place a black pepper in each of them. Take this at bedtime for a few days to cure yourself of this problem.

There are also many vegetables great for curing your kidneys like spinach and lona. Snake cucumberís seeds help cure urinary and kidney diseases. You can also use the pulp of pumpkin in relieving painful kidney problems by warming it, crushing it and then applying it for curing kidney problems.

According to ayurvedic medicine, even seeds of muskmelon and kheera (cucumber) are effective in curing urinary problems. Water melon juice with sugar and kalmisora that is placed in a glass, and kept overnight in moonlight should be taken for a week to cure urinary problems. Even lauki (water gourd) that is mixed with kalmisora is effective in curing kidney and urinary problems.

Carrot juice, leaves of radish and small radishes and the juice of onions are all beneficial in curing kidney problems. As you can see, there are many food products that prove to be beneficial in curing ayurvedic problems, in ayurvedic medicine. And with these vegetables and fruits easily available, try curing your kidney problems the ayurvedic way. .


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