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          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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By  Dr P M Sharma

Headaches are commonplace, and are almost a permanent sysmtom of a number of underlying diseases. Headaches are considered a part of shiroroga, which are diseases of the head. What may be surprising is that headaches can be of eleven different types, namely:

  • Vattik Shiroroga
    Paittik Shiroroga
    Kaphaj Shiroroga
    Tridoshaj Shiroroga
    Rakataj Shiroroga
    Kshayaj Shiroroga
    Suryavarta Shiroroga
    Anantvaat Shiroroga
    Krimij Shiroroga
    Ardhavbhedak Shiroroga
    Shankhaj Shiroroga

  • Headaches are caused by an imbalance or aggravation of all three doshas, namely vata, pitta, and kapha. Each dosha forms the basis of the headache you may have. For example Vattik shiroroga is caused due to an aggravation of vata dosha. These types of headaches are often associated with sudden pains mainly in the eyes and the temporal region. If you are suffering from these types of headaches, you would be intolerant to light, would have ear pains and experience stiffness in the neck. Oil therapies work well in these headaches.

    Paittik Shiroroga occurs due to aggravated pitta dosha. Headaches of this type are associated with burning sensations in the eyes and ears, along with pain in the frontal lobe of the head.Large intakes of milk are good for such headaches and work well in combination with clarified butter or ghee. From the panchakarma point of view nasya is recommended, with desired alterations in diet and daily regimen.

    Kaphaj shiroroga is caused due to aggravated kapha dosha. In these typoes of headaches there is a feeling of heaviness in the head, which is associated with puffy eyes and swollen face. Loss of appetite, nausea and itching sensations in the ears is just as common as the headache itself. Nasya, fomentation, medicated smokes, and fasting work well to alleviate the condition..


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