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          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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By  Dr P M Sharma

Up to 150 million people suffer from asthma in the world and the number has been rising steadily since the 1960s. In the last 10 years, asthma cases have risen 50 percent worldwide. The countries that are worst affected by asthma are Ireland, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Those least affected include Albania, Romania, Georgia and Indonesia.

In Australia, one child in six under 16 has the asthma condition. In Western Europe, the number of asthma cases has doubled in the last decade. In the USA the number has risen by 60 percent since the early 1980s Around 5,000 Americans die from asthma each year. Around 8 percent of Swiss people suffer from asthma, compared with just 2 percent 25 years ago. There are an estimated four million asthmatics in Germany. Some three million Japanese suffer from the condition, of whom 7 percent have severe symptoms and 30 percent have moderate problems.

USA, which is home to a mere 4 percent of world population, has 14 percent of world’s total Asthma patients.

Asthma is called shwas roga in Ayurveda, and has been divided into five different types, which are:

Maha shwas
Urdhva shwas
Chinna shwas
Tamak shwas
Kshudra shwas

Contrary to what may be claimed by a number of Ayurvedic physicians, the first three are not curable as they advance. The fourth one can be controlled, even though cure remains elusive, and the fifth one, to which 75 percent of patients belong, is completely curable. The extent of all those which are not curable can be reduced by proper lifestyle and diet.

To Be Avoided

Dry and heavy and kapha-producing diet
Exposure to dust and smoke
Cold and damp environment
Overindulgent sex
Use of tobacco

Medicinal Treatment

A number of Ayurvedic combinations are prescribed, for example:

Swaschintamani ras
Swaskuthar ras
Shrangarabhra ras
Abhrak bhasm
Vyoshadi vati
Khadiradi vati
Talishadi churna, etc


Panchakarma therapies that are best suited with asthma are shehana, vamana nd sansarjan karma. The duration of the therapy and rest of modalities are decided after a panchakarma expert has a personal consultation with the patient.

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