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Mental digestion predominates over physical digestion.


          Friday, March 23, 2018


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Genetics of vata, pitta
and kapha

By  Agantuk

What we know of vata, pitta and kapha is that these are doshas or body humors that determine body’s functional constitution. If your constitution is a combination of these doshas, the physical attributes, characteristics and optimal environments of both doshas apply to you. We normally view doshas from the physical point of view, and what often goes unnoticed is their psychological or mental impact.

For example, vata people, whose digestion and metabolism is variable and changeable, often are a fearful lot. Worry further intensifies their fear and their worry can stem from anything trivial as a cockroach in the kitchen or minor differences with the spouse. Such people have trouble performing tasks that require a steady, continuous effort. They either give up, or are sidetracked, which again causes worry and thus fear. Happiness is the key to their mental balance and that would always come from a steady lifestyle or occupations which are creative, entrepreneurial or inventive.

Pitta people, on the other hand, are an angry lot. Being pitta is almost synonymous with being fiery, diehard and determinant; in both positive and negative sense. Their angry attributes act as a cushion for them if they work under strenuous conditions. But since their anger embeds certain level of ego in their psyche, they simply drift away from what you see them working on steadily a while ago. Tie them down, and you encounter a hot-tempered people. Mentally they are good at grasping facts and are intelligent. This makes them well-versed with their chosen field of interest. Pittas tend to be creative in nature and seem to have a high rate of professional and monetary success, which triggers their ego further and thus anger as well. Pittas are most at home in a cool atmosphere. And when they are not, you can expect their minds being thrown in tizzy.

Kaphas minds normally are as their body frames are; hefty, robust and docile. The docility of their body and mind both imbibes in them a calm and quiet nature, which makes them good in interpersonal relationships. They possess good strength, high immunity, and sound vitality and are generally very healthy individuals. They often have smooth and deep voices.

Not only vata, pitta, and kapha; there are other factors too at work that give you the type of mind you have. If you are mentally active, and yet overindulge in tamasic lifestyle, the inertia that drives your mind ahead will decelerate. You need to be sattvic to retain the precious positive attributes of your mind and thought. A sattvic person, who is rich in mental equilibrium, thinks and does well in life. If a dash of rajas is thrown in, you twist these very attributes to suit your purpose. Like your body, your mind has a power to digest too. Feed it the wrong stuff, and it will give you a byproduct that is not good. .


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