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When the patient is weak and the disease is strong, balance doshas.


          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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Revenue from the Roots

Approximately 25 percent of the active components of drugs prescribed by modern medical therapists have their origins in higher flowering plants. According to Kate and Laird, two business analysts, about 42 percent of the sales of the top 25 selling drugs worldwide are either biologicals, natural products, or entries derived from natural products.

Modern pharmacopoeia still contains at least 25 percent of drugs derived from plants. A comprehensive review of plant-derived drugs identified a total of 119 drugs, obtained from fewer than 90 plant species.

The drugs with botanical origins, which are available today, can be divided into a number of categories. These include the long-known products, which still remain the drugs of choice today, such as the cardiotonic digitoxin, and newer drugs, such as the taxoids from Taxus spp. And artemisinin, and its derivatives from Artemisia spp. As there is growing demand for natural-based medicines, there is considerable evidence that these medicines will take an increasing proportion of the existing (largely synthetic) drug markets.

The pharmaceutical industry’s attitude to medicinal plants and natural products has changed dramatically over the past few years. This is very much in line with the increased awareness and interest in medicinal plants and natural treatments amongst both the general public (especially in the area of self-medication and functional cosmetic/ food ingredients) and the scientific community.

As a reflection of this, in 1980, none of the top 250 pharmaceutical companies had research activities involving higher plants, but by the early 1990’s, more than half of them had introduced such programs. Clearly, pharmaceutical sector is turning back to roots for reaping revenues.



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