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Kapha-types sleep heavily.


          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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Sexual Debilities
And Vajikarna

By  Dr P M Sharma

Vajikarna is a special branch of Ayurveda which is practiced to promote health and sexual life of the healthy men as well as of the sexually weak patients. The therapy which provides strength, potency, virility, sexual excitement, erection of the sexual organ and pleasure in the intercourse is known as vajikarna. For better results, it is necessary to perform shodhana before administration of the vajikarna drugs. The medicines used in vajikarna may be classified in four groups, which are Shukrala, Shukra Recaka, Shukra Stambhaka and Shukra Sosaka.


The drugs which cause qualitative and quantitative increase in shukra or semen are known as shukrala. The drugs like Ashwagandha, Musali, Sarkara, and Shatavari belong to this grup. These drugs are useful for aspermatogenesis or absence of sperm in semen and oligospermia.


The drugs which help in ejaculation of semen are known as Shukra Recaka. Drugs belonging to this group are useful for the conditions like aspermia. Milk, Masa, Bhallataka fruit pulp, and Amalakai fruit are both Shukrala and Shukra Recaka.


The drugs which increase the sexual intercourse span are known as Shukra Stambhaka. The best example of a drug belonging to this group is called Jatiphala, the best indication for which is premature ejaculation.


The drugs which dry up the semen are known as Shukra Sosaka. Haritaki belongs to this group.

The commonly used combination drugs for vajikarna are:

Vasanta Kusumakara
Makaradhvaja Vati
Makaramusti Yog
Ashvagandha Ghrita
Brhat Chagladi Ghrita
Mrtasanjivani Sura


Please note that vajikarna is a very in-depth and comprehensive specialty of Ayurveda, and self-medication may not be a step in the right direction to treat your sexual debility. In case you are having any sexual problems, we would suggest you share that with our experts through our Free Online Consultation.

For minor sexual debility or enhancement of your sexual power, you may want to try our Basic Sexual Rejuvenation package, which is a high-potency, easily affordable combination of the best vajikarna drugs delivered to you at your doorsteps. To know more about the package, write to us at .


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