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          Friday, March 23, 2018


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Fine Art of Being Vocal
By  Agantuk

Doshas of our body, if you believe this, speak for you. How good or bad a speaker you are, depends on which dosha you belong to. If you thought you are pitta, but your voice broke on strain, get a body constitution done; you may actually be a vata-type. Vata voice is hoarse, breathy, and breaks on strain.

Vata people speak very quickly, and pitch goes on a rise as the speech progresses. More often than not, they would pick up their speech from a topic and end their speech at a different one. If two vata people get together anytime in the afternoon, you can say the time for them to get up will be somewhere towards evening. They may be asked to do so by a pitta person.

Pitta people are usually concise and point-blank in what they speak. Their verbal execution is crisp and swift. When they speak, they infuse a strange level of impatience in you. When they whisper, they actually talk, since you can listen to them in the next room. Imagine what the talk would be like?

Kapha-types, on the refined side, weigh their words and then speak. Their speech is so slow and so cautious that you almost fall in love with it (or them). Kapha cords are good to hear, and most of the singers generally come from this lot. Kapha people are the only lot whose silences speak..


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