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          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Prana In Your Hair
By  Agantuk

What prana, the life’s vital force, is to body, so is it to hair. It is said that healthy hair grows on a healthy body. One reason why India’s rishis allowed it to grow as long as it could, so as to reflect the the state of their complete well-being. If your hair is healthy and lustrous, you have the best indicator of your good health glowing on your head.

Vata, pitta, and kapha hair vary grossly from each other. Vata hair, hair which grows on vata-type people, is generally dry, dark, coarse or rough in texture. Most of vata people have curly hair, which is prone to being tizzy, tangled and full of split ends.

Pitta hair, on the other hand, is blonde or light brown, greys at an early age and vanishes too so early in comparison to other types of hair. Pitta hair is unlike vata hair i.e., it is thick but soft and is straight.

Kapha hair is further different. It is wavy and oily, thick and lustrous. You have to know and understand your hair type if you want to care for it. What may be good for vata hair, may not be good for pitta hair or kapha hair. .


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