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          Friday, March 23, 2018


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Prana and Ojas
during Pregnancy

By  AA Editorial Team

Prana is the life energy that performs respiration, oxygenation, and circulation. All motor and sensory functions are linked to prana. Prana governs the biological functions of two other subtleessences, ojas and tejas.

During pregnancy, prana enters into the womb and then fetus through the navel. It is prana that regulated the circulation of ojas in the fetus. If anything is wrong in prana, any fetal disorder could arise. This is the reason why Ayurveda recommends goodness at every level of pregnancy, before and after it. This results in imbalances in ojas and tejas.

Ojas is the essence of all seven dhatus or bodily tissues. Ojas is the vital energy that governs the hormonal balance.

Ojas is related to kapha and any imbalance in kapha imbalances ojas. This is true vice versa as well. It is necessary for pregnant women to maintain optimum levels of ojas and kapha,. Fetus needs to grow healthily and displaced ojas prevents it from doing so.

Decreased ojas, on the other hand, creates vata-related problems both in the mother and the growing baby. Vata problems in this case include general weakness, fear, perception issues, loss of consciousness, and even death.

During the eighth month of pregnancy, ojas finds its passage into the fetus from the body of the mother. This transfer of ojas is essential for the overall wellbeing of the baby. Ayurveda attributes death of premature deliveries to lack of ojas in the fetus.

Abundance of ojas in the mother is responsible for the love and compassion she develops for her baby. It is also presumed that higher the ojas, attractive is the baby.

Ghee helps to enhance ojas. And pranayama can transform ojas into a fine-tuned inner strength. It is thus not a bad idea for the mother to indulge in light meditation before planning to conceive. The effects linger till long after giving birth to the baby. .


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