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          Friday, March 23, 2018


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Hypertension and

By  Dr Neeru Virmani

Hypertension is called as rakat bhar roga and arteriosclerosis is termed as dhmanijara roga. While most of us are well-informed about hypertension, sclerosis comes as a poor second in terms of general patient knowledge. Sclerosis prevents vital organs like brain from getting optimum levels of nutrition through circulation as a result of which ama or toxins start depositing in the arteries. This takes a toll on the overall physical and mental well being of a person. Ojas or vital energy is lost, which weakens other vital organs of the body like heart, kidney and lungs. When the condition effects lungs, breathlessness occurs.


1. Excessive intake of kapha vardak products, which include all sweet, spicy and oily foods. This causes agnimandha or metabolic disorders. Lack of physical exercise further aggravates the problem by promoting kapha dosha.

2. Other cause is a combination of excessive physical labor, mental stress, fear, excessive sex and regular intake of incompatible foods, which means foods that have qualities opposite to each other. Incompatible foods vitiate vata dosha.


Rasayana treatment forms the mainstay of hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Rasayanas can be termed as tonic preparations that, literally, mean turning towards rasa. Rasayanas impart superior rasa as well as other dhatus. Rasa is the pure nutrient part of food and is one of the dhatus that leads, successively, to the generation of all the others dhatus.

Dhatus represent the components that support both the structure and functions of the body; there are 7 dhatus, including rasa, blood, flesh, bone, and marrow. Ayana, or turning towards, basically means that the dhatus, instead of degrading and drying due to disease and aging, will be nourished, supplemented, and replenished. Rasayanas act on the whole body.

It is no more a matter of debate that hypertension and arteriosclerosis set in early aging. The best way to avoid this occurrence is to make preemptive moves by dietary and lifestyle modifications. Charaka has recommended the following as the preemptive actions.

1. Intake of meals on time
2. Proper excretion of body’s malas or waste products
3. Proper sleep and rest
4. Avoidance of stress triggers
5. Light exercises
6. Proper and balanced food
7. Regular massage to expel body toxins
8. Ghee-honey combination in the morning

Sushruta has recommended the following as the best rasayanas:

-- Hartiki
-- Amaliki
-- Bhrahmi
-- Shankhapushpi
-- Giloy
-- Garlic
-- Bringharaj, and
-- Shilajit

Since arteriosclerosis is associated atheroma, which means furring-up of the interior of an artery by deposits, mainly of cholesterol, within its walls, this calls for clearing excessive kapha from the lumen of the arteries. To avoid predisposes to a number of conditions, including thrombosis, angina, and stroke, Ayurvedic compounds with kapha-shamak properties are recommended. Some of these are:

-- Triphala
-- Shilajit
-- Guggul

If one suffers from hypertension alone, Ayurvedic physician recommends one or more of the following rasayanas after comprehensive case analysis. You are advised not to try these on your own, since establishing your body-type is essential before their use.

1. Aswaghanda powder
2. Amalaki rasayana
3. Garuchi rasayana
4. Vachadi ghirta
5. Vachadi rasayana
5. Shatavari-vidhari powder


Dr Neeru Virmani is a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S) and a merit holder from M.D. University, Rohtak, India. Having worked in the prestigious Moolchand Ayurvedic Hospital of New Delhi, Dr Neeru has had the distinction of learning Ayurveda from the famed guru-shishya parampara under the guidance of well-known Vaidya Pandit Sukhdevlal Nangia. Dr Neeru has an in-depth knowledge of customizing prescriptions and is highly dedicated to delving deep into the deeper rarities of Ayurvedic medicine..


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