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          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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Acquired Heart Diseases
By  Dr P M Sharma

You can write a book on the topic, and if you write it from an Ayurvedic perspective, you will end up writing a compendium. But broadly here – and what may be of some use to you – heart disease are divided into two types:

1) Janma bal pravrit or congenital heart disease
2) Sahaj hridya roga or acquired heart disease

I am taking up the second one, which is of five types:

1. Vata type
2. Pitta type
3. Kapha type
4. Tridosha type
5. Krimijanya type


The symptoms are dosha-dependent, which means symptoms emerge from the doshas involved. Symptoms could be:

1. Vat type, which manifests in piercing pain in chest as if a needle is being penetrating into heart. Example are angina pectoris, coronary thrombosis etc.

2. Pitta type, which manifests into over thirst, burning sensation, syncope, sweating, dry mouth etc. Example being inflammatory heart diseases, popularly known as IHD.

3.Kapha type, which brings about body lethargy, loss of appetite, indigestion and problems in swallowing. Example is enlargement in the size of the heart size and right heart failure.

4. Sannipatik or tridoshaj type, which manifests mixed symptoms on account of the involvement of all three doshas. Example being any syndrome related to heart.

5.Krimij type, which means that related to a parasite. The parasite may be from animal or plant kingdom, and may have found its way to heart through circulation. Examples being vision blackout. frequent spiting, and piercing pain in chest. Infective myocardiatis valvular stenosis or regurgitation can be put into this category.


A number of Ayurvedic combinations are recommended for these types of heart problems. Here I am giving some of the names for informational purposes only. Please see your doctor for complete checkup in case of an emergency.

– Hridyarnav ras
– Chintamani ras
– Nagarjunabhra ras
– Siddh makardhoaj ras
– Akiki pishtee
– Arjun twak churna
– Arjunarisht
– Punarnavadi mandoor
– Arjun ghrit
– Maha yograj guggul, and
– Rasonadi guggul


That is a big NO. Seek your Ayurvedic doctor’s opinion before attempting it. Heart diseases are nothing but a lifestyle disorder..


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