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          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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Ignorance Breeds
Heart Problems

By  Dr P M Sharma

The ignorance of health rules is an invitation for diseases related to heart. In Ayurveda we called the same as PPRAGYA APARADH or MITHYA AHAR VIHAR. Pragya aparadh means ignorance of realities in presence of wisdom, and mithya means fake or lies.

In this article we shall focus on the Ayurvedic way to stay away from the heart diseases.

Letís look at the causes first:

(Charak samhita, Sthan 26)

This Sanskrit sholoka means that excessive exercise, anxiety, fatty and spicy foods, trauma, starvation, malnutrition, tobacco smoking, alcohol, and excessively luxurious lifestyle are precursors to heart diseases.


Ayurveda says:

"Swasthasya swasthya rakshanam, aturasya vikar prashmanam."

This means Ayurveda is supposed to maintain the health of healthy and cure those who are physically and mentally sick. This is accomplished by the use of herbal combinations, dietary and lifestyle modifications, meditation, and yoga. Yoga is part of Ayurveda, though it has emerged into a separate field of study on its own.


1) Have exercises only as much as you can.
2) Prevent your body and mind from excessive wear and tear
3) Identify your stressors; alleviate them.
4) Practice meditation daily. This is called bhavateet dhyana.
5) Practice of yoga asanas like shavasana, hasya yoga (hasya means laughter)
6) Tune in to light music.
7) Own a satisfying hobby.
8) Go for a walk, move outdoors every now and then, and enjoy nature.
9) Enjoy your sex life.
10) Take Ashwagandha churna 1gm regularly before each meal with water.
11) Avoid fats and spices.
12) Do not hurt and donít get hurt. Take life easy.
13) Eat when you feel hungry. Donít postpone your meals.
14) Give up smoking.
15) Give up alcohol. It aggravates your vata dosha, which leads you to hypertension.
16) Donít boast of your luxury. You may not have tomorrow what you have today. You are part of a temporary life cycle.
17) Learn and enjoy renunciation. When you give up something worldly, you experience sheer bliss.
18) Live and let live.

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