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          Friday, March 23, 2018


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Business Wellness:
The Five Minds
of a Manager

By  AA Editorial Team

Managers are told: Be global and be local. Collaborate and compete. Change, perpetually, and maintain order. Make the numbers while nurturing your people. To be effective, managers need to consider the juxtapositions in order to arrive at a deep integration of these seemingly contradictory concerns. That means they must focus not only on what they have to accomplish but also on how they have to “think”, say Gosling J, Mintzberg H. from Centre for Leadership Studies, University of Exeter, Exeter, England.

When the Gosling J, and Mintzberg H., respectively the director of the Centre for Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter in the U.K. and the Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill University in Montreal, set out to develop a masters program for practicing managers, they saw that they could not rely on the usual MBA educational structure, which divides the management world into discrete business functions such as marketing and accounting.

They needed an educational structure that would encourage synthesis rather than separation. Managing, they determined, involves five tasks, each with its own mind-set:

managing the self (the reflective mind-set),
managing organizations (the analytic mind-set),
managing context (the worldly mind-set),
managing relationships (the collaborative mind-set), and
and managing change (the action mind-set).

The program is built on the exploration and integration of those five aspects of the “managerial mind”. The authors say it has proved powerful in the classroom and insightful in practice. Imagine the “mind-sets” as threads and the manager as weaver.

Effective performance means weaving each mind-set over and under the others to create a fine, sturdy cloth..


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