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Pitta is hot, oily and irritable.


          Friday, March 23, 2018


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Bliss in the Being

By  Seema Sahani

If you think about an experience of joy, the birth of a child, getting married, and then carrying your feelings beyond a moment, you arrive at a state called joy. Ayurveda tells us that joy is a fundamental of life. In Sanskrit it is called ananda, which means “bliss.” Each dosha expresses a different flavor of bliss and in the state of perfect balance as well:

VATA = stimulating, exhilarating, cheerful
PITTA = content, joyous and pleasant
KAPHA = affectionate, generous, serene

To metabolize any experience into bliss is possible. It's the metabolism of the senses, mind (thinking), intellect (discrimination/deciding), ego (individuality/sense of Self) and pure consciousness (atma). The consciousness experiences something and then the metabolization of the experience begins. It takes the raw material of sensory perception and takes subtle feelings, to analyze and nourish the value.

The intellect is the main role for our metabolization. The intellect decides what the outcome will be. For example, you meet a new guy and you question – is he the guy for me, or is he just like every other guy? The intellect must be endowed with comprehension so any experience won't create any imbalances because in conclusion, the intelligent actions are created in the whole physiology, especially the hypothalamus.

Everything will be achieved when your pure consciousness is aware. The complete metabolization-localized perception reinforces, enlivening qualities of bliss, harmony, and balance on all levels of life. And if the Self is lively and fully connected, then the full value of any object is nourishing and satiating.

When perception takes place, it goes to the brain. If the senses are clear, then it's properly metabolized. The primary and secondary aspects have to function then the perception fully metabolized and the output is most effective and clear.

The importance of self-referral consciousness is for prevention. When the Self is the reference point, then all knowledge is absolute, so no mistakes will be made by the intellect. When the senses and mind are imbalanced, due to excessive, insufficient or wrong contact with objects, it causes obstruction to the intellect. Due to proper contact, senses and mind come back to its natural state and the intellect develops its natural capacity.

Balanced senses, mind, and intellect are the natural expressions of the Self-referral State of consciousness. In a sense the natural manifestations of perfect health and enlightenment. The fundamental level is consciousness, and it supports and gives bliss.


Seema Sahani is based in New York, and has a major in Maharishi Vedic Medicine to her credit from Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, IA. She has worked as Ayurvedic Health Consultant in Maharishi Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India; Maharishi Vedic Health Center, Lancaster, MA; and The Raj, Fairfield, IA..


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