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          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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Asthma in Children
By  Dr P M Sharma

Asthma is a lung disease characterized by difficulty in breathing, expiratory wheezing, cough with sputum and some time fever.

In infants and small children, it occupies the respiratory system because of small airways. Certain precipitating factors may be cause of further narrowing. This narrowing produces a unique wheezing sound during breathing.

Accompanying infection in the respiratory system turns the problem severe to dangerous. Emergency treatment is advised in such cases.

Asthma in children and infants is a major health problem showing steady increase in prevalence both in developing and develop countries. The incidence of childhood asthma in Asian countries varies between 5.2 percent in Taipei to 30 percent in New Zealand and 10 percent to 17 percent in other countries.

Seventy-four percent of asthma attacks in children are experienced in children less than 5 years of age and 26 percent in less than one year of age. The ratio of male and female incidence is 2:1.


Children, who are treated early before major damage has taken place, could lead normal lives. Others may have recurrence of infection with failure to thrive. Still other may end up with crippling disease, chronic respiratory insufficiency and septic complications. These are all the potential life-threatening situations. Parents need to act fast in case of children having been diagnosed asthmatic.


According to Ayurveda it is either Beej dosha (genetic) or Sahaj (acquired).

If it is due to genetic causes (having a history of asthma patients in the both families of parents) then this is to difficulty to treat, but Sahaj type in easy to treat.

In some cases this has been observed that after 8th or 9th year of age the problem may be vanished spontaneously.

From the dosha perspective asthma results on account of disturbed vata and kapha doshas. Both doshas get out of balance almost simultaneously.


Management of childhood asthma through Ayurveda is a comprehensive therapeutic modality in itself, and requires competent Ayurvedic doctors to handle the cases. Some of the drugs that are commonly recommended (but NOT recommended by this author or for self-prescription) are:

1. Kumar kalyan ras
2. Abhrak bhasm
3. Poaval tristhi
4. Ras sindhur
5. Kastooribhairav ras
6. Siddh makardhwaj ras
7. Haridrakhand
8. Balrogantak ras
9. Arvindasava
10. Kafaketu ras
10. Punarnava swaras

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