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          Sunday, May 27, 2018


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By  Courtesy IANS

It may be a proverbial twist in the tale. While Ayurveda was born and brought up in India, here is an American physician who trains Indian doctors on the ancient Ayurvedic technique of treating illnesses through the touch, enabling them to cure a host of diseases ranging from "common cold to cancer".

"Meru Chikitsa or treatment of the spine, is based on ayurvedic techniques that were forgotten about thousands of years ago. I myself developed an interest towards it when I read about it as an optional subject during my post graduation," Vincent D. Gentiluomo, who works as a physician in Ohio, told reporters.

And since then there's been no looking back. He claims to have treated hundreds of patients in the US over the past 20 years.

Gentiluomo who is now in India to conduct two workshops, would train Indian doctors on how to perform the ancient practice, based on identifying the body's energy centres prescribed by ayurvedic texts.

In Delhi, the two-week workshop would be conducted at the Art of Living information centre at Green Park in south Delhi.

"In India, the technique was completely forgotten. Foreigners reinvented it, and that is how it has started gaining popularity again," said Ravi Kumar Reddy, a doctor from Sri Sri Ayurveda in Bangalore who was trained by Gentiluomo.

Having trained up to a dozen Indian doctors during his past 11 visits to India, Gentiluomo has now set the ball rolling for the treatment in India as well.

This year, he would be conducting sessions in Delhi and Bangalore.

During the treatment, the doctor conducts a series of five to 10 minute massage sessions and tries to gauge the "response pattern of the (patient's) body."

"This in turn helps us to understand the body, and we would then set about reawakening its normal physical functions," said Gentiluomo who claims to have treated even tumour and cancer patients through Meru Chikitsa.

"In other words, what we do is not just a repair process. It is an actual rejuvenation of all the senses in the whole body. It is a holistic healing process.

"After the treatment, the patient is less overwhelmed by any other disease, physical, social or mental problems. I'm still amazed by it."

According to Gentiluomo, doctors have now slowly started waking up to Meru Chikitsa techniques all over the world.

"There is a lot of research going on in this direction. Over a hundred thousand doctors around the world have started adopting it, more than half of them in the US," he said.

"In the US, the practice is called 'Chiropractics', but the technique is actually derived from the Meru Chikitsa mentioned in the Indian texts," Gentilumo said.

Said Neena Madan, a doctor trained by Gentiluomo, who claims to have treated over 60 patients in India in the past few months: "Here, it is only now that people are slowly, very slowly getting to know. Most of the cases that come to us in India are in their final stages, and even then the treatment is immensely successful.

Said Reddy, who combines Art of Living techniques while performing Meru Chikitsa: "We take them to a particular level, and then allow breathing to take over. It is extremely effective."

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