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Freedom from human identification means oneness with the mind.


          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Join Us To Be Heart Smart

On May 3, it is likely going to be the largest ever Ayurvedic assemblage of heart care related features, including thought-provoking articles, heart-friendly recipes, preventive and curative tips, and practical guidelines that you can use. We request your participation in the smart heart special. Send in as many questions as you want and we will ensure each one finds an answer on May 3 on this site.

Whether you are a writer, a businessperson, a teacher, an artist, a mainstream or alternative medicine doctor, or an Ayurveda enthusiast, you can also submit your experiences you have had with Ayurveda previously. Please do not forget to mention your name, country and phone number. Together, letís make an effort to help people and communities know more on how to have a smart heart Ö Ayurvedically!

E-mail your questions at or fill out the Questions and Comments form.

Thanks for your support.

The Editorial Team


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