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          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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When you choose Ayurveda, you discover more than a system of medicine. Yet, bouquets and brickbats are part of everything. What may be a beautiful experience for you may not be as good for someone else. Here is your chance to share AyurPerience your own experience on Ayurveda.

While Ayurveda provides a firm foundation for a better and healthier life, we would like to listen from you what it has done for you, how did you discover it, what were the benefits, and what was your level of satisfaction?

You can help others by sharing your story with them. Whether you used Ayurveda for correcting a stubborn disorder, fatigue that refused to go away, allergies that left footprints on your nose or simply to have a lifestyle change, somebody will benefit from the stories you share.

All experiences will be uploaded here on May 17, and also sent out through Bliss, our free weekly newsletter, the same day. Please mention do you want your name (you may use an alias), e-mail ID or telephone number displayed.

Submit your AyurPerience HERE
or send a mail at
or fax the same at (801) 848 2691


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