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Color of urine depends upon diet.


          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Life with a Meaning

"I was introduced to Ayurveda through a friend who had a chance attendance at a seminar in an Indian university. Her anecdotes she had with Ayurveda later elicited curiosity in me and I thought I should read couple of books. The first one I read was on nadi vigyana (pulse diagnosis) by Dr Vasant Lad. Reading the books was a mystical experience because I never realized that pulse could be to us more than just pulse. Later, I read some more by different authors and enjoyed them. I have gained a lot in terms of physical, mental, psychological and even professional enrichment. Now I can look at life from a much deeper, meaningful perspective. There is no end to further understanding.



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The world of ayurveda:

the world of ayurveda
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