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Kapha-types sleep heavily.


          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Faith from the Pain

Well it happened about 7-8 years back. We were in Coimbatore, India and my dad had gone to Delhi for official purpose. Me and mom only were home. Mom felt a pain in her right upper arm...which was unbearable, she could not move her arm. I took her to many doctors and as usual they gave only some pain killers. Poor thing she was not able to do anything. Oh, my those sleppless nights in Coimbatore, were sleepless. Whole night I used to sit by her pillow and making her comfortable. Then after my dad came, he took her to our family Ayurvedic doctor in Wayanad, Kerala. The doctor would read the pulse and tell a diagnosis. He held her pulse and said immediately: "The pain is due to some swelling in back of the neck". There was a small swelling there -- about the size of a grape. He gave her "kashaya" and within a few days, she was allright. From that day my belief in Ayurveda has become very strong and now I have strong intention to learn it.

S BINDU, South Carolia, United States


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