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          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Medical resonance therapy music
in high-risk pregnancies

In the year 550 B.C., Pythagoras from Greece developed a concept for the use of music in medicine, esteeming music higher than many other medical treatments. The Medical Resonance Therapy Music (MRT-Music) of the German classical composer and musicologist Peter Huebner is built on this concept of Pythagorean music medicine.

Its therapeutic effect may be best explained by the natural phenomenon of resonance between the harmony laws of the microcosm of music and the biological laws of the body ( Editor: Biological laws of the body are among many a things, the vata, pitta,kpah dosha balance and their integrity with dhatus).

Results received after application of MRT-Music, at Mother and Child Health Institute of the Ministry of Health, Minsk, Belarus, by Sidorenko VN, indicate multiple positive effects on the organism of pregnant women both with a healthy pregnancy as with a pathologic one, reducing the rate of premature births very effectively.

Furthermore, MRT-Music came out to be an effective method in the complex therapy of late gestoses and a nearly irreplaceable method for preoperative preparation of pregnant woman for caesarean section. It demonstrated a powerful anti-stress effect and allowed to reduce the amount of administered painkillers to pregnant women by the factor 1.5 to 2.0, thus reducing the negative pharmacological load to the fetus.

It furthermore reduced labour time and shortened hospital stay. It helped to create optimal conditions for the course of pregnancy and heightened pain sensitivity threshold by means of improving the functional, hormonal, and psycho-emotional conditions of pregnant and lying-in women. Thus, the labor process became more natural, the delivery non-traumatic, and motherhood more happy and safe.


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