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Restrained body and mind cannot enjoy sex.


          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Qualties of Being a Perfect Karma Yogi

The karmayogi, who, regulating his senses by his mind, begins karmayoga (yoga of action) without any attachment is the best.

The man of knowledge knowing well the difference between action and qualities of nature and that qualities move amidst qualities is never attached to actions.

He who sees action in inaction and inaction in action, he is a man with intelligence in human society and he is fit to engage in all activities.

He whose actions are devoid of desire and are burned by the fire of knowledge, is declared as knowledgeable by the wise.

"Renouncing all attachments to the fruit of actions, contended, without seeking any one help he certainly does nothing though engaged in all activities.

"Without any explanations, with the mind stabilized in the self , giving up all possessions, using the body solely for doing ordained work, he incurs no sin.

Happy with whatever that is coming in his way, remaining above the sense of duality, freed from jealousy, with equanimity in both success and failure, he is not held responsible (for his actions) although he is engaged in actions.

He who is freed from attachment, whose mind is fixed firmly in the Divine knowledge, who is engaged in the acts of sacrifice, his actions are completely liberated from bondage.

"The offering is Brahman, the oblation is Brahman, the sacrificial fire is Brahman, the sacrificer is Brahman. He certainly attains Brahman who finds Brahman situated in all activities.

He who renounces all the fruits of his actions, whose doubts are cleared by wisdom and who has turned inwardly into his self, is never bound by any action.

But those who destroy their ignorance by means of knowledge, their knowledge illuminates and reveals the Supreme Lord like the rising sun Aditya.

Those whose intelligence and self are established in the Supreme, who have taken the vows to attain the Supreme, who have taken shelter in the Supreme, attain the liberation, cleansed of all impurities by knowledge.

"The knowledgeable ones see all the people with equal vision, be it a well educated Brahman , a cow, an elephant, a dog or even an outcaste.

These people look upon the world with equanimity with flawless minds and thus conquer birth and death in this very life. Since they are established in equanimity like Brahman they are established in Brahman also.

The knower of Brahman, stable of mind, established in the Supreme Brahman, shows no sign of rejoice when he achieves the objects of his desire nor aBhagvat Gitation when unpleasant things happen to him.

Unattached to external sense objects, immersed in himself, he remains blissful. Establishing his self in Brahman, such a Brahma yogi enjoys unlimited happiness.

He who succeeds in controlling instantly his desires and anger before giving up his body, he is a happy human being.

He who is inwardly happy , whose enjoyment is within, whose inner light is lit up, he is a perfect mystic, who has become one with the Supreme and is established in him.

Those whose sins have diminished, who have overcome the sense of duality, who are established in self-realization, and are engaged in the welfare of all living beings in the world, achieve realization of Supreme Brahman.

Freed from lust and anger, practicing self-restraint they, who have understood the true nature of their inner selves, soon attain grand union with the Supreme.

Shutting out all external objects, concentrating his inner gaze between the two eye brows, controlling his inward and outward breaths, restraining his mind, senses and intelligence, having shed desires, fear and anger, the sage is for ever liberated.

Knowing Me as the beneficiary of all sacrifices, penances and austerities, the Supreme Lord of all the worlds and well wisher of all living entities, he attains peace.



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