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          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Who Is Too Dear To God
And Whom Does He Love?

1. One who is without any hatred towards all beings, friendly and compassionate, without any sense of possessiveness, without any egoism, equal in pleasure and pain and forgiving.

2. "The Yogi who is always contended, self-controlled, strongly determined, his mind and intelligence offered to Him.

3. He who nether disturbs the world nor is disturbed by it, who is free from joy, envy, fear and excitement.

4. He who is without expectations, pure, dexterous, impartial, undisturbed, renouncing all effort in undertakings.

5. He who neither likes nor dislikes, neither bemoans nor desires, who has renounced both the auspicious and inauspicious and who is full of devotion.

6. One who is equal to friend and foe, in honor and dishonor, heat and cold , pleasure and pain and equally free from all attachment.

7. One who is equal to being criticized or praised, silent, contended with whatever he has, without a fixed abode, stable minded, and engaged in devotion.



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