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          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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A Dedication to Women

The mood was more than festive for all of us at a couple of days back. It could not have been anything less – because when we were celebrating our first anniversary the world in its entirety was celebrating two great festivals as Diwali and Idd.

When we look back, we feel it has been a great going – which sounds great – but what’s really gratifying is knowing the positive impact we’ve had on so many people across several nations who needed Ayurvedic help for their health problems.

Our Customized Treatment Packages reached as many as 93 destinations in 14 countries, which included United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, Brunei Darusalam, Malaysia, and Puerto Rico. Eighty five percent of the Free Online Consultations we have received have come from women and 93 percent of them have used our packages at any given time.

“Until I used your Ayurvedic combinations I never realized how badly did I need to detoxify myself,” are the types of comments we get. We have received hundreds of such comments, and the relationship has been spirited enough to encourage us to offer you some of Ayurveda’s unique and time-tested combinations drawn from authentic and original ancient scriptures.

In case you are willing to have any of the following products, please Express Your Consent to get more details on prices and heavy discounts for bulk purchases.

1) Ayurvedic Face Pack
2) Ayurvedic Pack for Steaming
3) Ayurvedic Hair Care Pack
4) Ayurvedic Vaginitis Paste
5) Ayurvedic Health Pack for Menstrual Pains
and Endometriosis

Thank you from all of us here.

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