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          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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In vitro effect of Brahmi on
anti-Helicobacter pylori activity

Even while Brahmi is widely used to improve intellectual functions, a study from the Department of Pharmacology, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, India, sought out to examine the prophylactic and curative effects of standardized extract of Brahmi in various gastric ulcer models.

The study revealed that the effect was due to augmentation of the defensive mucosal factors like increase in mucin secretion, life span of mucosal cells and gastric antioxidant effect rather than on the offensive acid-pepsin secretion.

The study included evaluation of standardized Brahmi extract (bacoside A content--35.5 +/- 0.9) on other contributing factors towards ulcerogenesis. Brahmi extract in the dose of 1000 microg/ml showed anti-Helicobacter pylori activity in vitrol and in the dose of 10 microg/ml increased in vitro of prostanoids (PGE and PGI2) in human colonic mucosal incubates. It study opined that that these factors may contribute to antiulcerogenic activity of Brahmi extract.

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