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Breathing can be improved through nasal massage.


          Thursday, June 21, 2018


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Practice The Mountain Posture

This deceptively simple standing posture provides the lessons of postural awareness, pelvic positioning and leg strengthening that are crucial to back health. It helps correct postural deviations and their associated pain. The mountain provides the basic alignment for other standing postures, and leaves you feeling grounded and balanced.


1. Stand erect with the feet 2-3 inches apart and arms down by your side.
2. Shift your weight so it is distributed evenly between the balls and heels of the feet.
3. Lift up your kneecaps by tightening your thighs.
4. Tuck your tailbone under, slightly contracting your buttocks.
5. Lift the crown of the head, feeling the spine elongate.
6. Slowly raise your arms out to the side and overhead, stretching your arms from the armpit to the fingers. Palms face each other.
7. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Lift your fingers up toward the sky.
8. Softly focus your gaze at a point in front of you along the horizon.
9. Hold to your body's limit, breathing fully.


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