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          Thursday, June 21, 2018


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Be Scalp Friendly

If you have any open sores or patches of dry skin contact your doctor for a proper diagnoses. But if there are no patches or conditions then chances are you just need a good cleaning or moisturizing shampoo.

You should always change your shampoo to the present condition of your hair. If you have healthy shiny hair, you need a light-shampoo, if you use colour you might try a color seal shampoo. Every shampoo lines carries moisturising shampoo in all shapes, sizes and prices. Season, activity heat intensity, products used after your blow dry can make your hair dry. Itís quite simple to fix. A good moisturizing conditioner will help also.

Sometimes a hairspray or styling product may cause a little build up around the surface of your scalp. Look at the label and make sure your shampoo is a cleaning or cleating shampoo. Their purpose is to get rid of build-up and keep your hair clean allowing a conditioner to work. Sometimes if thereís too much build-up the conditioner you put at your scalp canít reach down to the root where the root of the matter is. No pun intended.

The only caution when using a cleansing shampoo is that if you just had a dark or red colour it will fade it faster then a regular moisturizing shampoo. Ask your stylist what you can do to help that, they probably have the product that will fix both problems.

-- by Lisa Lach


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