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          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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If you are a US-based manuscript editor who knows how to make a good book great, here is your chance to work with an Indian author on mind-body medicine and Vedic wisdom. You will be expected to work on the manuscripts after they have been fully compiled to get rid of inconsistencies, point out errors of fact, eliminate wordiness, smoothen transition between topics, and correct grammar and misspellings, apart from:

substantive editing
ensuring clarity
ensuring a smooth, logical flow
double-checking consistency between topics
verifying scientific facts, and
ensuring consistency of point of view and tone

You should be:

a keen advocate of holistic healing
able to maintain the author's voice
extremely thorough in approach
accessible over phone US daytime, and
creatively interactive and understanding

This will be a passionate assignment for you with long-term prospect of travelling to India. Go ahead and e-mail your resume/ profile to:

Andrea Thompson at
Or fax it across at (801) 848 2691.


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