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          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Get Cool Weather Tips for Nails

Healthy nails are important for a healthy and active lifestyle. Different weather conditions affect your nails differently. Strong, disease-free nails contribute to good health whether you're working out at the gym, jogging or walking, splashing in the pool or where ever you are going to be. There are important steps you can take to keep your nails healthy. The following tips for dissimilar weather conditions will help you look and feel best.

The temperature is dropping, and so is the circulation to your toes. Follow these tips to keep your feet and nails safe during cool weather activities.

1) Wear thicker socks to keep your feet warm, but make sure they aren't too tight.

2) If you enjoy very active sports like skiing or hiking, choose socks that have some acrylic fibers rather than just wool. Man-made fibers help absorb perspiration better.

3) Wash your feet and dry them thoroughly everyday. This will prevent infection.

4) While soaking your feet always use lukewarm water. Never use hot water. Dry feet well especially in between the toes.

5) Never use heating pads to keep you feet warm. They can get very hot

6) While choosing shoes and boots for outdoor activities buy those that will easily allow circulation of blood to the toes.

7) If you have sweaty feet ensure that you use antifungal powder while working outside for long periods of time. This will prevent nail fungus infection.

8) Fungus can enter through cracked skin. To prevent skin from cracking use a good moisturizer. But do not use it in between your toes as they breed fungus easily.

9) In winter before going to bed knead your feet gently with your thumbs to increase blood circulation.

10) To refresh your feet after a tiring day soak your feed in warm water with Epsom salts and a drop of peppermint oil.


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