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          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Take Care of Hands and Fingers

One of the huge concerns of winter is dry hands and cracking fingers. It is worse if you do a lot of housework or your work requires you to come into contact water or chemicals a lot.

The dryness of the environment causes water to evaporate very quickly. As the water evaporates, it removes moisture from the skin too. So exposure to water actually dehydrates the skin faster.

After washing your hands, seal them with a towel immediately and gently pat dry. You should do the same to your body after a bath.

Such simple habits help to prevent what is commonly known as winter itch. As one age and gets older each year, the likelihood of suffering from winter itch is even higher.

Your hands and your fingers tend to suffer more due to their constant contact with the elements. Use simple hand creams to help protect them against the elements in the environment and retain moisture. Use therapeutic options when the hands are suffering from itch and cracks.


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