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Discrimination is the mental equivalent of Fire.


          Thursday, June 21, 2018


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Get To Know My Winter Concerns

Winter is the time of the year when skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and seborrhea flare up. You should have your prescriptions handy. Start on them early. This will cut down on flare ups and treatment time.

Some people report that their acne condition turn worse during winter time. While damaging to the skin, the ultraviolet rays of the sun could have actually help to reduce the formation of acne. So when summer sun is gone, acne may flare up. Again, the best protective action is to have your prescriptions handy. So if you are prone to acne flare-ups in winter, book an appointment early with your dermatologist. You donít want to wait 6 weeks to get your prescriptions filled or changed.

Be careful of poison ivy! The plant resin could be carried in on logs for your fireplace. To protect yourself, wear gloves when handling the logs and wash your hands immediately after completing this task. Just in case, stash up some poison ivy medicine in your first aid kit.

Last but not least, protect yourself from frostbite. Watch out for frostbite if you are outdoors, at high elevations or in windy conditions or have wet clothings. Change your clothes immediately when coming in from skiing or other winter sports. Carry extra clothing and blankets in your car when traveling.


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