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Hopelessness makes you sick.


          Thursday, June 21, 2018


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Improve Memory, Ayurvedically

Memory is a combination of remembering and retention of previously learned things .As per a myth only 10% brain activity is used but actually the truth is that most of us are in our low gears.

Here are few tips to recharge your brain and enhance your memory thus decreasing forgetfulness:

1. Stimulate your mind to benefit you in your day to day life.
2. Enjoy a feeling of confidence and sense of overall achievement.
3. Start listening more and talking less, as listening requires more concentration.
4. Think clearly and positive.
5. Stay calm under pressure.
6. Daily exercise is a must, as it increases blood circulation to the brain.
7. Go to bed at time and gain a sense of pride in knowing that you have done something well and sleep peacefully.
8. Last but not the least READ, READ, READ and READ more.


1. Food ingredients which are sweet and unctuous are useful such as cow’s milk, ghee etc.
2. Avoid pungent, spicy, bitter food articles.
3. Increase intake of vitamin E, Proteins, Zinc in your diet.
4. Regular intake of almonds, amalki, fresh fruits and veggies are extremely useful.


Ayurveda offers variety of herbs useful to increase memory. Combination of Brahmi, Ashwgandha,Vacha, Mulethi guard against stress, depression, forgetfulness in natural way.

1. Brahmi sharpens focus and enhances memory induces sense of calm and peace and thus useful in stressful work and study environments.

2. Ashwgandha has anti depressant and anti anxiety affects.

3. Vacha is a memory cell booster.

4. Mulethi helps in rejuvenation of brain cells.



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