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          Thursday, June 21, 2018


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Know secrets to restful sleep

According to Ayurveda sleep is one of the supporting pillars of life. Sleep is a state of content, of being away from the stresses that you have had the share of in the daytime. Night sleep is pitta nashak (which eliminates the pitta dosha – responsible for diseases like acidity, excessive thirst, abnormal metabolism and the like. Day time sleep increases kapha dosha, which aggravates problems like cold, cough, drowsiness and various respiratory problems.

Good sleep induces happiness of mind and relaxation of the body and rejuvenation of every component it. It helps in elimination of defects, weaknesses and enhances mental talents and intellect.

In today’s world many people are affected by sleep disorders, which are responsible for various ailments like obesity, high blood pressure, and metabolic disorders.

Tips on how to sleep well:

1. Timing – follow a disciplined sleep ritual, that is going to bed on the same time every night. It is necessary to sleep for 6-7 hrs. every day.
2. Eating Habits – make sure that you eat at least 2 hrs. before going to bed . Avoid caffeine, alcohol intake before bed. A cup of milk before sleep is very useful, as milk has tryptophan amino acid which is a nervous system stabilizer.
3. Direction of sleep – sleep in east/north direction.
4. Stress – leave aside all problems and worries for the day. Just relax before going to bed.
5. Mediation and yoga – every day practice of meditation and yoga is useful.
6. Oil massage – regular massage of head, soles, palms is very useful.

Useful Herbs:

Combination of ashwgandha, jatamansi, bacopa assists in increasing mental acuity and supports the body’s ability to relax. These induce deeper and more restful sleep, resistance to day-to-day stress. Shilajeet is also beneficial in sleep disorders as it is helpful in reducing chronic fatigue. Make sure you consult an experienced Ayurvedic doctor before using these.


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