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          Wednesday, April 25, 2018


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Ayurveda for Children

Ayurveda for children is not a new concept as ayurvedic preparations have been used extensively since thousands of years for the building of a healthy body and developing a sharp intellect in children. Ayurveda for children supports numerous wonder herbs like Brahmi, a brain stimulant and memory booster that should be given to children from a young age to perk up their brain.

Ayurvedic science helps in balancing the Vata, Pitta and Kapha energies in childhood so that health problems are controlled by herbal preparations. Today, many people believe in Ayurveda in children to ward their children from unwanted chemicals of the atmosphere and water. It is interesting to learn that Ayurveda for children is called ‘Kumara Bhritya’ in ayurvedic science.

Ayurveda in children suggest taking special care in making medication for children as children are weaker in strength than adults and cannot tolerate strong medications. As children cannot express their symptoms and problems in childhood, ayurvedic science takes care in choosing the right remedies for them. The remedies for Ayurveda for children are rather mild so that the delicate organs of children are protected.

Ayurvedic science states that the health of both parents plays a large factor in the health of the children. Mothers have to follow the right diet and lifestyle in pregnancy and subsequently feed the children with the right food in their formative years. Ayurveda practiced in children usually produces children will little defects, excellent health to progress in their lives to perform above the average in life.

Ayurvedic science proclaims that there are numerous problems that children undergo in their lives like loose motion and fever when teething and secondary sex characteristics leading to abnormal pubertal developments. These problems can be easily cured and controlled with Ayurveda as children are usually frightened to visit the doctor. They seldom permit the doctor to examine them. With Ayurveda for children, the doctor can usually diagnose the problem on listening to the symptoms of the disease.

While adults taking ayurvedic medicine take it using the five elemental actions, it is not advisable for children. Children also don’t like the bad taste of medicine like Vish mishrit, Tukshana, Tikt, Kasaya and Katu. In stead, children should be given sweet and tasty medicine.

It is a known fact that children of today don’t only suffer from physical health problems, but also from psychological problems. This is mainly because parents are busy making ends meet and holding two jobs. They thus don’t have time and energy to look after the children. This loss of physical health makes children unhappy and this unhappiness leads to negative impressions in the body which affects the personalities of the children. This can leave lasting impressions on the child’s mind and cause psychosomatic diseases.

Ayurveda for children understands this relationship between physical and psychological problems in children. And accordingly suggest natural remedies for its remedy. There are many ayurvedic products available today that are are designed keeping the health of the child in mind.

Many a time, problems that were not cured by modern science have been cured and eliminated through ayurvedic science. So it can be said that though ayurvedic medicine may not produce instantaneous results in curing an ailment, it is very beneficial for long term treatment and in treating cases modern medicine can’t.


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