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          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Healing power of spirituality

The concept of spirituality refers to the working of a person to be a true and perform good karma. Spirituality in a person is considered to be able to help in the healing of many health conditions. This is done by channeling the healing energy from a spiritual source to a person in need of it. This channel is usually a person who is referred to as the healer. Healers of this nature are highly spiritual. But to have a spiritual healer for bringing about healing in someone is not necessary. It is not necessary to have a healer around for spiritual healing since, with your own prayers, you can also find and expect spiritual healing.

Spirituality refers to the divine nature found in the energy the healer derives from an external, invisible intelligent source. This healing energy is not available just to the healer, but to all. To the healer, the body, mind and spirit work as an interdependent unit that works in harmony to maintain positive health.

Spirituality is very helpful in solving many health problems; be they mental, physical or emotional. Spiritual healers are most effective in healing musculo-skeletal problems like frozen shoulders, bad knees and stiff necks.

Spiritual healing believes in the concept that each person has a healing mechanism in the body that flows as an energy force around the spirit, body and mind to maintain perfect internal equilibrium. However it is with stress, the wrong diet, a negative attitude to life and other factors that can cause a blockage in the healing mechanism of the person.

With spiritual healing, the necessary energy is provided to bring the healing mechanism in the body back into action. Sometimes spirituality may not work at the physical level of the health problem. However, even though the illness may remain, the ability of coping with the illnesses is improved with the help of spirituality.


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