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          Thursday, June 21, 2018


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Chakras: Seven Energy Centres

The most common term for chakras is energy centres. According to Ayurvedic system of medicine there are seven chakras in human body. All of them are connected to different physical organs and are located along the spinal cord.

The lowest chakra is at the base of the spine while the highest chakra is at the top of head.

The chakras do not have any physical structure. They are part of the human body's energy system. One can understand their functioning by studying energy anatomy along with human anatomy. In different people, the position of chakras might differ slightly.

Three (root, sacral and solar plexus) of the seven chakras are considered to be lower chakras as they correspond to lower impulses. Three upper (throat, brow and crown) chakras relate to intuition, foresight, vision, communication and divinity.

The heart chakra is considered to be a symbolic bridge between the upper and the lower chakras. Sometimes all these chakras are visualized as vortices of light and color or as spinning wheels.

The chakras are often called the fifth state of the matter also as they are different from the four known states of matter liquid, solid, gas and plasma.

These chakras play the decisive role in maintaining energy balance in the body. They help in synchronization of the human energy field (HEF) with the universal energy field (UEF).

When a chakra spins clockwise it gains vital energy from the universal energy field. It makes a person feel healthy and he or she is always full of positive energy.

If it starts spinning anti-clockwise, the, then there is an outflow of positive energy from the body making a person feel sick and abnormal. To ensure that all chakras spin clock-wise, one has to follow a strictly regulated diet and do meditation regularly.


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