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Mental digestion predominates over physical digestion.


          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Does Worshipping Help Heal Faster?

It is widely accepted now that worshipping can expedite the process of healing as faith has proved to be of the greatest healers in human beings and worshipping results in faith in God.The element of worshipping is inherent in traditional Indian system of medicine Ė Ayurveda. It is clear, thus, that the close and positive relation between worshipping and healing has a scientific foundation.

Ayurevda emphasizes on striking and maintaining the right balance between the individual's energy and the cosmic energy. Whenever there is balance is disturbed, a person suffers physically and mentally.

Worshipping helps in correcting this balance as it generates positive energy and helps in avoiding negative thoughts. This is especially true in Indian context as both yoga and meditation are considered to be an inherent part of worshipping.

However, worshipping helps in healing when it is closely associated with the spiritual practices. By merely resorting to rituals one may not get desirable results. Though there are some rituals, such as sitting in a particular yogic posture while praying to the God that has a positive effect on one's health.

There are a number of geometrical instruments known as "Yantras" which have been traditionally used for worshipping in India. These are scientifically designed instruments. They help in increasing the concentration of mind and relieve one of stress resulting in recovery from any illness at a much faster pace.

Then there are 'mantras' (hymns) which are part of prayers offered to the God. The sound generated by these hymns creates vibrations, which help in turn release lot of positive energy in and around a person. This helps greatly in reducing the pain and suffering.

The act of worshipping helps in faster healing as it often leads one to have a healthy life style. Most of those who go to religious places for worshipping have a relatively disciplined life style than those who donít worship.

The former also lead a relatively less stressful life than the latter. Those who worship regularly have a faith in God that helps to deal with stress, which is a result of various insecurities that one faces quite often.


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