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          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Meditate to lose worry ...

Meditation leads to spiritual illumination, which is manifested in the form of peace, serenity and emotional stability. To lose worry one needs to meditate as it liberates the mind, body and soul from the bondage of ego.

It also enables our psychic and physical energies to flow in a constructive manner. That is why Ayurveda system of medicine, which considers all illness to be a result of malfunctioning of the individualís energy fields, lays great emphasis on practicing meditation as cure as well as preventive measure.

Most of our worries are result of preoccupation with the self and ego. The result is anxiety and several inhibitions that results in physical and mental suffering.

Meditation helps one to discover that our true self is different from our mind and body. Various breathing exercises, which generally precede meditation, help in relaxing the body and the muscles. A person who regularly meditates can easily be identified with a serene voice and tension-free demeanor. His actions are graceful. He never seems in a hurry.

According to various ancient Indian scriptures meditation can give peace and happiness as it brings self-knowledge by bringing mind under self-control.

The biggest fear from which the human beings generally suffer is the fear of death. This the greatest cause of worry in our conscious as well as sub-conscious mind.

Meditation frees one from the mortal fear of death and hence the cause of the greatest worry. It does that by transforming one's self-identity from physical and mental to the spiritual level. This creates a huge amount of positive energy and ensures that even in the most adverse circumstances, one does not become anxious.

This positive energy rejuvenates the mind which otherwise gets exhausted by the intensity of emotions that consume all the energy quickly. A rejuvenated mind is much more capable of tolerating failures and frustrations in life. Meditation makes a person emotionally stable by training him to 'act' and not 'react'.

There is enough scientific evidence by now which proves beyond doubt that meditation calms down nervous system, make one see things much more clearly and bring peace to the mind.


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