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When the patient is weak and the disease is strong, balance doshas.


          Thursday, June 21, 2018


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Earthen Lamps and Vedic Rituals

In vedic literature, an earthen lamp is considered to be a manifestation of yagna, which is (a ritual performed by igniting the sacred fire. Incidentally a yagna along with "Goddess Gayatri" is considered to be the source of all vedic literature.

That is why lighting an earthern lamp is considered to be an integral part of almost every vedic ritual. An earthen lamp, under vedic rituals, is generally placed on the sacred platform ('pujavedi)' where vedic rituals are performed. Along with various deities, the earthen lamp is also worshipped.

In Vedic India, fire was worshipped with great reverence and an earthen lamp was considered to be carrying 'jyoti' (flame) which was worshipped too. In almost every Hindu's house, thus, one can find an earthen lamp being lighted every day carrying forward the legacy of various vedic concepts.

A lighted earthen lamp is considered to be one of the most purest objects in vedic rituals as it consumes all impurities and yet it remains pure. It has been used as a symbol to explain the essence of vedas by many sages and spiritual leaders as the message of vedic literature is 'to go from darkness to the flame, that is light'.

The earthen lamps are worshipped in Vedic rituals as a symbol of cosmic energy. Some of the old scriptures also mention that one can meditate by focusing on the bright yellow flame of an earthen lamp.

This particular method of meditation improves mental concentration and introduce positive energy field that help one to feel integrated with the cosmic consciousness. That is why it is regularly used in ‘aarti’ (devotional prayer), another age-old vedic ritual.

Scientifically and medically, an earthen lamp lit with the help of good quality oil or ghee (clarified butter) is considered to be one of the best germicides. Its soft glow is soothing for human eyes. One can meditate by concentrating one's gaze on the tip of the flame of a lighted earthen lamp.


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