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Light foods help mind-body coordination.


          Saturday, June 23, 2018


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Connect with Nature to Reduce Stress

The theory of improving health by connecting with nature, as propounded by Ayurveda thousands of years ago, has become so popular and widely accepted today that it is now formally recognized as "ecotherapy." Researchers have started pointing out in almost every country and region that close contact with nature helps one to reduce mental stress and improve physical fitness.

As one gets closer to nature and start communicating with it, the mind loosens up and the creativity increases. The fresh air raises the energy level and one feels charged up again.

Quite often one is able to find a solution for the unresolved problems during one of those long walks in a landscape rich with natural beauty. One can observe that when one is close to nature the negative emotions such as anger, resentment, and jealousy are subdued while the positive emotions such love; affection and contentment dominate the thought process.

That is why urban planners have started earmarking more and more space for parks, gardens etc in cities and towns to ensure that there are enough opportunities for everyone living there to maintain at least some contact with nature.

An increasing number of architects have started offering building solutions in which solar and wind energy-the two non-conventional sources of energy which are free gift of nature- are used prominently.

Wherever these two sources of energy have been used replacing the fossil fuels, pollution has come down drastically resulting in significant improvement in the health of not merely individuals but the whole community.

Natural surroundings also improve the community health. Various research studies have started indicating that people who live near three-lined streets or parks are likely to live longer than those who are not close to nature in anyway.

Nature bestows its affection on the old and the young alike. Children with attention disorders are known to have shown significant improvement in their attitude once they are brought close to nature.


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