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          Thursday, June 21, 2018


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Nature, food and health

It has been well established by now that diets comprising of natural products keep one fit, agile and in good health. That is why most of the dieticians have started advising that normal diet of a common people should comprise of wide variety of natural products.

According to recent studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, an ideal diet that ensures lower risk of having a heart attack comprises mainly of natural products such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Researchers have suggested that consumption of natural products helps in avoiding obesity which is a major problem confronting large sections of society across the globe. Obesity is primarily the result of unbalanced diet and the latter comprises mainly of processed food and consumption of large amount of preservatives.

Natural food products help in keeping one's diet balanced as they have all the nutrients required by the body. Several research studies have also started pointing out that nature not helps in curing but also in prevention of certain diseases through food products.

For example extensive use of turmeric can help in preventing cancer as its anti-cancer qualities are fully recognized by now even by the modern system of medicine.

As one puts vegetables and fruits in the base of the food pyramid, one doesn't have to worry about the high cholesterol levels. The anti-oxidizing qualities of several of these fruits and vegetables help in keeping the cholesterol level low.

Some of the natural food products such as oats and beans have proved to be so effective in upgrading the health level that they have been subjects of a large number of studies. Oats not only help in keeping the cholesterol level low but they are beneficial for people suffering with problem of abnormal blood pressure.

According to a study published in Archives of Internal Medicine in 2001, consumption of beans at least four times a week can reduce the risk of catching a heart disease by about 20 per cent.


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