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          Thursday, June 21, 2018


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Birth Control and Ayurveda

It is a very controversial topic yet a serious issue. With the growing population, we are putting extra amount of pressure on our natural resources that are eventually fading off. This has created more demand and less availability leading to decline living standards. The looked down attitude about this issue is more provoked by the religious interference or rather the prejudice created by it. Contrary to this belief some religions has also laid stress on birth control methods so as to attain a good standard of living and maintain healthy life.

What is birth control?

Technically, birth control can be defined as the methods, procedures or practices that are implemented to prevent the conception that may lead to the pregnancy in a woman. The term can be associated with contraception and family planning where birth control knowledge is equally important.

Why birth control is a serious issue?

It has been estimated that over 360,000 i.e. three hundred sixty thousand unwanted pregnancy occurs in USA every year. Most of these unwanted pregnancies occur due to lack of knowledge about the birth control methods and rest happens due to faulty practice of family planning methods. Hence there has to be a mass awareness to educate people regarding this issue, which is very essential for all of us.

Nowadays certain methods have been practiced that are safe and effective in avoiding the unplanned pregnancies like condoms, IUDs, hormonal methods etc. You might be surprised to know that ayurveda; the oldest medicinal science also has offered certain procedures and regimens that are very effective and safe to solve the purpose. These ayurvedic methods are always preferable over other methods as these are safe and bear no side effects.

Natural regimen to avoid unwanted pregnancies

Safe period

This involves avoiding the sexual encounter during the period of ovulation of the ovum. This requires a good knowledge of the menstrual cycle of women. The days 14 to 21 are said to be the best time for conception. Sperms can be active in the vaginal tract for 3 to 4 days. Hence it is to be concluded that if a woman has a menstrual cycle of 28 days, she is supposed to be active to conceive in her 10 to 21 days of the menstrual cycle. Rest days are considered reasonably safe. This method is been found 98 % safe but it requires a great deal of self-control and awareness.

Abstain method

This method is well known as coitus interruptus. In this male withdraws his penis from vagina prior to ejaculation. It prevents the fertilization of ovum thus preventing the pregnancy. This method is almost 80 % effective and requires a complete dedication and extremes will power.


Below are some of the ayurvedic remedies that help in avoiding unwanted pregnancies.

Pippalayddi yoga

An ayurvedic formulation that consists of pippali (long pepper, Piper longum) has been found effective in avoiding unwanted pregnancies upto 94 % as per the researches.

Vidanga (Embelia ribes)

This herb is famous for its vermicidal actions. Vidang also possess spermicidal action that is effective in creating conditions in the vagina, which are not suitable for sperms and they gets destroyed.

Japa (Chinese hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)

It has been used since ages as a successful contraceptive. Due to its properties it does not let sperms to find any favorable conditions for their survival that can lead to fertilization of ovum.

Neem (Azadirachita indica)

Every one is aware of this herb. Due to its miraculous actions it has gained respect in everyones mind but very few people know about is spermicidal actions. Neem oil douche is being given in vagina to make conditions in which sperms get perished and are unable to cause any pregnancies.

-- Dr. Jyotiraditya Agarwal, M.D. (Ayu) August Ayurveda


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