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          Thursday, June 21, 2018


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Control premature graying of hair

One of the signs of aging is the graying of hair. There is no fixed age for hair to grey as it depends on a personís inheritance. The reduction in the production of melanin in the hair bulb leads to loss of hair color. This is why you see different shades of color on a graying head that ranges from white to black. Graying usually starts near the temples to spread to the crown and then to the back. Graying of hair in young people is called premature hair graying.

If you suffer from premature hair graying, find the cause of the graying and then treat the cause. Sometimes some chemicals in cosmetic products can cause graying of hair. Stress is also another cause for graying. So you can prevent graying by controlling stress by yoga, meditation and aerobics. Apply cow ghee, (clarified butter from cow milk) on the scalp once a week. This is very effective in reversing premature graying. Leave it on for about five to six hours for maximum effects.

Brahmi taila is also very effective in preventing hair graying. It is possible to make the oil using Brahmi leaves taken as two parts, 2 parts of sesame oil and 1/8th part of powdered clove and cardamom that is mixed with 16 part water, which is boiled till all the water evaporates. This mixture is then sieved and can be used on the hair.

Avoid using permanent hair dyes; instead use natural colors as long term use of hair dye can lead to permanent destruction of hair follicles. Take a paste of henna powder, lemon juice and tea concoction and leave it overnight in an iron vessel. Apply it to hair the next morning, and let it stay for 3 to 4 hours. Then wash with cold water. This gives color to the hair and is a great alternative to hair dye.

Donít expect miracles to occur with these remedies. Some time will have to pass for some visible change to take place; but it is very effective in the long run. As there are many options, once you find that an option does not suit you, try another alternative. Give each remedy a week, before trying another remedy.


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